Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science podcast is enlightening with so many good interviews with neuroscientist and psychologist; however, there was an interview by Social Psychologist Carol Tavris that stuck out to me. Her clear description of the mind and behavior with a particular emphasis on the field of Social Psychology was a breathe of fresh air.

While Tavris in her own right is fascinating (again, I love the passion), it was the work of her collaborator, the renown Social Psychologist Elliot Aronson, that drew me closer to the study of the human mind and behavior. Tavris and Aronson co-authored the book Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me), which I enjoyed. This book pointed me in the direction of Aronson’s autobiography and the prominent textbook The Social Animal. 

This was the beginning phase of my self-study of psychology, and while the direct study of art and technology were on hold, I used it to inform my work of the human mind. In fact, the science of human psychology has been more of a complement to other things I have been working on.